Samurai Baseball Academy

The Samurai Baseball Academy is a group of elite, showcase baseball teams based in Southeastern Massachusetts and practice at the Grand Slam Hitting Club in Taunton, MA. The teams are coached by knowledgeable, professional coaches with years of experience in many levels of competitive baseball.

These teams prepare their players for advanced competition at both the High School and Collegiate level.

Due to the success of our Program and the Overwhelming demand for participation, we have continued to grow over the past 10 years with more teams and increased ability for player development.

In 2006 The Samurai Baseball Program had one 18U College Bound Team. This year in 2017 the Samurai Baseball Program will be fielding 8 Teams from 14U-18U.

The Samurai Goal is to help and prepare all our players for the next level of baseball, Middle School, to High School, to College.

Our 2017 Teams:

14U Samurai

We start our preparation for High School Baseball. We want to teach our players and help them with the transition into High School Baseball. We do this though developing the understanding of High School rules and what High School coaches are looking for in their players.

15U Samurai

This team is strong with player development. We teach our players about body development and how to use your strength, power, and the 5 tools of baseball to your advantage. Pushing them from freshman to varsity.

16U Samurai

We teach about college baseball and mental toughness and how important your field presence is. We help our players with increased competition, increased fundamentals, and increased knowledge of the game

18U Samurai

These are our Elite College Showcase teams. These teams are all about exposure, showcasing your tools, mental toughness, field presence. We prepare our players for College Baseball and the transition with school, baseball, and life.

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For more information contact Coach Ken Lalli at 508-726-9142